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Artist Pitch Priorities for Fall 2023 (& New Coaching & Mentoring Services) 

Artist Pitch Priorities for Fall 2023!
From Jenny: "Lots of male artists are looking right now for hit songs! However, I would focus less on tailoring "too much" to the artist specifically. Instead, simply check out the artist's material online to get a sense of their sound/style/what they've done in the past, and just send your best songs!"
Would you like to connect one-on-one with a Nashville Publisher?
SongTuner is pleased to announce that Jenny Hall is now available for 60 and 90 minute sessions by Zoom for Coaching & Mentoring services!
During your session, receive honest and constructive feedback on your song(s) from a Nashville publisher's perspective, hear suggestions on how to make your songs more competitive and marketable for the current country market, and use your time to ask any questions you may have about the industry!

Ongoing Syncable Opportunities for Early August 2023! 



Ongoing Syncable Opportunities for Early August 2023!
New TV & Streaming Series Opportunities 
1) Seal Team, Season 7 (Paramount+)
Nancy is putting together songs for this fan favorite military drama! Think lots of tension, action, and adventure. 
GENRES: Hard-hitting rock, country, alt-country, and Southern rock songs.
Male vocals are preferred, but some female vocals will still be accepted.
Song References: "Dig In" by Lenny Kravitz, "The Buffalo" by August Empire, "Wagons" by Drive All Night til Dawn, "Something Strong" by Sam Morrison Band, "Rock Bottom" by Paul Otten, "Rage of Angels" by Buck Storm, "Only in America" by Brooks & Dunn, "All I Found" by Cordovas, and "Stand Together" by Becky Shaheen
2) Young Sheldon, Season 7 (CBS)
Just in case you haven't seen this sitcom spin-off of The Big Bang Theory yet, it's about a boy genius growing up in TX. Surrounded by his loving (but wacky) family and some other not-so-brilliant characters, hilarity ensues!
**GENRES: Heartland rock, twangy country, rockin' country, Texas roadhouse, blues rock, etc.
Mostly male vocals, but female songs are okay, too.
Song References: "Small Town" by John Mellencamp, "Shame on the Moon" by Bob Seger, "Beer Pop and Whiskey Stop" & "Thanks to Me" by The Mears Brothers, "My Missus Never Misses a Thing" by Steve Vaus, "(So) Take a Look Around" by Dixie Peach, "Sunday Morning Underground" by Faustus, "Singing My Songs for Jesus" by Sonrise, "Swampland USA" by Lynn Ready, and "All Night Through" by The Shaker Sisters
**Please Note - All songs being pitched to TV/Film sync-related opportunities must be mastered studio quality (or sound "radio broadcast ready") and 100% clearable for sync licensing!

Ongoing Syncable Opportunities 



** New Film & Commercial Ad Opportunities**

1. Warm, Emotive Holiday Songs for TV Advertising

 Nancy is seeking warm, emotive songs that capture all the 'feels' of the holidays! Traditional holiday themes & non-holiday themes of caring, coming home, being together, hope, thoughtfulness, nostalgia, family, community, etc.

 Production-wise, the tracks should have depth and dynamics, preferably building to a crescendo!

 GENRES: Folk, singer-songwriter, adult contemporary, indie-pop, all tempos. Male or female vocals accepted.

 Song References (for style): "Happy Christmas, My Dear" by Passenger, "Old Fashioned Holiday" by Andrea von Kampen, "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, "Blame It on the Mistletoe" by Amanda Shires, "Everything is Cool" by John Prine, "Christmastime" by The Well Pennies, "Winter Moon" by Mindy Gledhill, "Apple Pie" by Lizzy McAlpine, "Beautiful" by Kygo, etc.


2. Wedding and Love Songs for New Cable & Streaming Movies

The June brides are coming! Nancy needs lots of romantic, upbeat, mid-tempo & slow dance songs for upcoming summer and fall movies. Requested themes include falling in love, breathlessly in love, new love, rekindled love, commitment, forever, etc.

NO break-up or sad songs, please! If you've got a great love song, Nancy wants to hear it!

GENRES: Pop, singer-songwriter, acoustic pop, adult contemporary, soulful pop, etc. Male or female vocals accepted.

 Song References: "For All You Give" by the Paper Kites & Lucy Rose, "Thinking Out Loud" & "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, "The Way I Love You" by Michal Leah, "Love of My Life" by Harry Styles, "The One" by Kodaline, "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne, "Forever Like That" by Ben Rector, "Lucky" by Chelsea Cutler, etc.



**Please Note - All songs being pitched to TV/Film sync-related opportunities must be mastered studio quality (or sound "radio ready") and 100% clearable for sync licensing!



If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new pitch opportunities,

click the following link:

Pitch requests from Debbie Zavitson 


Ongoing & Always Looking For...

Blake Shelton

Debbie is pitching songs directly to Blake!

From Debbie - "I am looking for song of the year for Blake Shelton! We recently celebrated 20 years since "Austin" was No. 1 (that I found for him), and he's still going strong and has been having No. 1's every year since then. Blake knows a great song when he hears one, so I can't play him anything less! Only the best of the best songs will get taken and will be considered to send to him."



***Please Note: Debbie will listen to all songs that are marked for specific artists and/or labels before the time of her pitch meetings, however, it may take longer to receive her responses/reviews for individual submissions.

Thank you for your patience in advance!