Pitch requests from Debbie Zavitson


March 2023 Priorities - Pitch Meetings Coming Up!***


#1 Big Loud Music (3/9)

Lauren Alaina is currently looking for up-tempo country story songs, nothing too sweet! Think lifestyle songs, less about romance, more about fun. Listen to some of her past releases like "Getting Good" and "Good Ole Boy" to get a sense of her style.

Submission Deadline - Wed. March 8th @ 12 p.m.


#2 Evanthia Theodorou (3/13)

Evanthia is an 18-year-old TikTok star looking for country pop songs!

Submission Deadline - Sun. March 12 @ 12 p.m., CT


#3 Warner Music (3/15)

Debbie has a meeting with Warner Music's A&R coming up! Right now, they're interested in the following artists:

1.) Blake Shelton - Always looking for killer songs! (see below for more details)

2.) Randall King - Up-tempo, positive songs.

3.) Temecula Road - Looking for something special and positive for the young duo. No break-up, please!

Submission Deadline - Tues. March 14 @ 12 p.m., CT


#4 Lucas Hoge (3/20)

 Lucas has a TV show, Hoge Wild, on Sportsman Channel. Go listen to his song called "Nowhere" to hear what he sounds like!

Submission Deadline - Sun. March 19 @ 12 p.m., CT


#5 Broken Bow Records (3/22)

 Debbie has a meeting with Broken Bow's A&R coming up! They're currently looking for songs for HunterGirl who was a runner-up on American Idol. Songs need to have smart, interesting lyrics and good range! Check out some of her releases like "Red Bird" and "Hometown Out of Me" to get an idea of her sound.

Submission Deadline - Tue. March 21 @ 12 p.m., CT


#6 Curb Records (3/23)

They're looking for songs for Lee Brice and they need something better than he would write! Listen to songs like "Save the Roses" and "Farmer" to hear some of what he's done recently.

Submission Deadline - Wed. March 22 @ 12 p.m., CT


Ongoing & Always Looking For...

Blake Shelton

Debbie is ALSO pitching songs directly to Blake!

From Debbie - "I am looking for song of the year for Blake Shelton! We recently celebrated 20 years since "Austin" was No. 1 (that I found for him), and he's still going strong and has been having No. 1's every year since then. Blake knows a great song when he hears one, so I can't play him anything less! Only the best of the best songs will get taken and will be considered to send to him."



***Please Note: Debbie will listen to all songs that are marked for specific artists and/or labels before the time of her pitch meetings, however, it may take longer to receive her responses/reviews for individual submissions.

Thank you for your patience in advance!