Who could have ever imagined we would all be experiencing a world where we could not meet with friends on a Saturday night, gather with family to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, see cancellations of concerts, sports events and church services. We have never experienced anything like it. 

But the human spirit will always reach out to others, it will always find a way to stay connected. Thankfully, we have technology. Facebook and apps like Zoom and Skype are letting us stay in touch with each other. We are so proud of all of the musicians who are sharing their music with us. There are videos and online streaming of neighborhood concerts taking place in driveways, on lawns and in carports. Others are live from living rooms and home studios. 

ASA is finding ways to stay in touch, too. We have our Facebook page, our new, still in progress website, and for the rest of this month Randy Brown has offered to do song critique requests by email. Jon and Randy will also be starting Zoom meetings, facilitated by Chelsea Robson. The first meeting is Saturday, April 18th. Information on how to join the meetings will be posted on the ASA Facebook page, on our website and in our newsletters. 

Arizona Songwriters Association is praying the measures we are all taking will soon end the COVID-19 pandemic. Until then, stay healthy and safe....