A.S.A.P! ~ Tim McGraw ~ A.S.A.P! 

Tim has just re-signed with Big Machine Records and is going in to record on March 10th!  Kirby will be meeting with his producer's camp before then and needs hit songs!  Open to ballads, mid- to up-tempo songs! 

NEW!! ~ Christian Artists ~ NEW!! 

Kirby has a meeting coming up with Red Street Records, which has signed a variety of young artists, including two-time Grammy winner Jason Crabb, iconic vocal group Avalon, as well as newcomers Reagan Strange, Lauren Camey and The Lee Boys!  She's currently looking for songs to pitch to each of these acts! 

Still Looking For... 

Tegan Marie 

Chris DeStefano will be producing Tegan's next project with Scott Hendricks!  They are looking for fun country/pop female songs.  She is only 16, so she can't say anything too mature or about drinking.  She is an awesome singer, so they're looking for anything that can show off her vocal range, as well! 

Chase Rice & Morgan Evans 

Kirby is also still looking for songs for Chase Rice and Morgan Evans!  Both acts are also produced by 

Chris DeStefano. 

Note: Any songs Kirby finds for Tegan, Chase and Morgan 
will go directly to Chris! 


A.S.A.P! ~ Waterloo Revival ~ A.S.A.P! 

The duo will be going back into the studio in February/March!  Looking for songs a bit more country than what they've cut in the past.  Justin is sending any great songs directly to Waterloo as he finds them! 

Still Looking For... 

Eddie Montgomery 

Looking for Rowdy Country!  He will cut an occasional ballad as well as stone-cold country 'ala' Haggard, but it's gotta be something killer! 

Colt Ford 
Justin is Colt Ford's band leader and is always on the lookout for a great song for Colt!

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the 
click the link below!