NSAI Phoenix January Meeting

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Happy New Year Fellow Songwriters!

· Our January NSAI Phoenix Chapter meeting will be on our usual 3rd Tuesday of the month; January 19th, 6:00 to 8:30 pm. This meeting will for peer-to-peer song feedback.

· If you (hopefully) plan to join us and present a song for feedback, please fill out the two links listed below. The first link is for Song Submission and Song Consent. Please upload an .mp3 and a .pdf or word .doc lyric sheet for your song. If you prefer, you can copy and paste your lyric into a window of the form. Please submit your files no later than Sunday January 17th at 6:00 pm. There is quite a bit we have to do with your files to get ready for the meeting, so please honor the submission deadline. Files submitted after the deadline may not receive peer critique at the meeting. Thanks for your cooperation.


· The 2nd Link is the Chapter Meeting Sign-In and Song Consent Form. This Form is only for our Chapter Attendance Report with the Home Office in Nashville. (it is a little redundant with the first form, but headquarters is refining the entire website, and the need to for two forms should be going away as part of that effort) Both forms MUST be filled out and submitted please.


If you wish to attend the meeting, but do not plan to submit a song, then you only need to complete and submit the Chapter Meeting Sign-In Sheet Form, and check the box No, in response to "Do You Plan to Submit a Song?"

· You will be sent an email with the Zoom meeting invitation, with meeting ID and password. For security reasons, please do not share the meeting ID and password information. Please sign-in a few minutes prior to 6 pm, so that all attendees will be ready to go.

· We have been getting new members affiliating with the chapter, which is great. Also, there are a number of members affiliated with the chapter that we rarely see, and we MISS YOU. Try dropping in the meeting and catch up with what is going on these days. Maybe get inspired, maybe find some new cowriters, maybe get that missing little bit that will turn the song you are working on into the next mega smash, maybe tap your expertise to help your fellow chapter members to bring their song to that same level. So, we really hope to see you online at the Chapter Zoom on Tuesday, January 19th at 6:00 pm.

· Please Note: NSAI is now implementing its long-standing policy for non-members. All non-members must pay a $15 fee after attending two meeting for free. Below is a link to the Chapter Visitor Payment Form to submit before attending the meeting.


The NSAI policy for the Song Feedback session is to give priority to current NSAI Members. If we have additional time, we will try to accommodate non-member songwriters for critique. Non-members are initially allowed to attend two free meetings.

· Finally, we want to make all of our non-member attendees aware of the free Sneak Peek NSAI Membership and list of membership benefits. For more information, check out the NSAI Website at the link below.