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Arizona Songwriters Association: Previous Events

Previous Events


        SATURDAY APRIL 7, 2017 - FREE EVENT!
        Glendale Library, 5959 W Brown St, Glendale

        Fervor logo
        As they approach the 30th Anniversary of Fervor Records,
CEO Dave Hilker and COO Jeff Freundlich wanted to give back to the
community. They have organized the Music Business Summit for the
local scene in which musicians will learn about management, public
relations, how to get their music placed in film and on TV, and more.
But the event is for anyone interested in a career in music, from
public relations to producing records.

        "We’re not teaching out of a textbook," Hilker says. "We’re
talking about the real world and what we’ve learned after close to
30 years in the music business."

        The Summit is broken into several panels in which industry
professionals will talk about various topics intended to arm musicians
and anyone interested in a career in music with the knowledge it requires.

        Summit schedule

        12:30 p.m. - Keynote: Is the Sky Falling on the Music Business?
        1 p.m. - What the Hell is a Music Publisher?
        2 p.m. - Managers – Who Needs Them?
        3:15 p.m. - Licensing Music in Television and Film
        4:15 p.m. - The Relationship Between PR and Journalism

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        *To read AZ Central article about the Music Business Summit
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